Sunday, March 11, 2012

Doug Martin, RB Boise State Scouting Report

Doug Martin, RB Boise State [HT- 5’11 WT- 213 4.55 40 Time]

Positives- Doug is a small, compact back with above average speed…He runs hard on every play and hits in the inside gap hard, making initial contact on the defender…Due to his size, he can become “lost” to the defense when running behind the line…Doug has enough speed to show good change of pace to challenge the outside edge…He shows the ability to bait defenders, then use a number of spins/jukes to either challenge the defenders poor angle or elude the defender all together…His compact frame allows him to break many tackles is able to keep his legs moving…He hits the defenders with his low pad levels and can/will move the pile…He has average to better hands, however, wasn’t relied on to be used out of the backfield as often in the Boise Offense (usually used in screens/flat type plays).

Negatives- Doug shows inconsistency in his ability to read his blocks on the inside and can/will take wrong lanes…He doesn’t show consistent patient running and will not wait for a lane or edge to be sealed…He will show poor ball placement which leads to more fumbles than one would normally like to see…Doug is a small back and will need to show he is durable enough to take on a full work load.