Saturday, April 28, 2012

2012 NFL Draft Round Two Recap

Rounds Two
33.) St. Louis Rams - Brian Quick [WR; Appalachian State]
Hard to believe that a team with several offers and a full board will make a pick such as this.  He is a project and may not be able to come in right away to help this team, and without many other legit options, this one just doesn’t make sense.
Grade: C

34.) Indianapolis Colts - Coby Fleener [TE; Stanford]
Quick, name me any other Receiver on this team not named Reggie Wayne.  Okay, times up.  There isn’t.  So why not go out and get Luck’s favorite Receiving threat to become his new weapon here at the next level, and as we all know, a Tightend is a Rookie Quarterback’s security blanket.
Grade: A

35.) Baltimore Ravens (from Minnesota) - Courtney Upshaw [OLB; Alabama]
I see the intention, but I don’t buy Hightower as a Rush Linebacker, especially given Andre Branch and Vinny Curry on the board.  To me, seems he is another overrated SEC player, but only time will tell.
Grade: C

36.) Denver Broncos (from Tampa Bay) - Derek Wolfe [DT; Cincinnati]
I get the pick, love the player, and like the value.  Denver traded down and out of the First round and make their first pick on Wolfe.  He is an underrated defender who I thought would fit in the 34 defense.  He plays similar to a Tyson Alualu and should have an immediate impact on the Denver defensive line.
Grade: B+

37.) Cleveland Browns - Mitchell Schwartz [OT; California]
Here is another underrated pick.  Schwartz is one of the best step in ready Right Tackles to come out this year.  I have him rated 4th behind Massie, whom is still on the board.  However, he gives Cleveland their bookends to start the season and helps sure up a bad offensive line last year.
Grade: B+

38.) Jacksonville Jaguars - Andre Branch [DE; Clemson]
Debatable pick right here.  Andre seems to be a better fit in the 34 as a rush linebacker, but has the skill set to play with his hand in the ground.  Vinny Curry, who I have rated higher is on the board and seems a better fit.  But alas, Jacksonville might finally have solved their pass rushing woes that has plagued them the previous 4 years.
Grade: A

39.) St. Louis Rams (from Washington) - Janoris Jenkins [CB; North Alabama]
Value pick.  Janoris is a top-15 talent on tape and what one would deem undraftable at times off the field.  The Rams may have struck gold getting him this far into the Second.  Jeff Fisher will have to keep him on the straight and narrow, but if anyone can, Jeff might be the one to do it.
Grade: B+

40.) Carolina Panthers - Amini Silatolu [OG/OT; Midwestern State]
Great pick for the Panthers.  I have Amini as a first round talent that fell due to positional value.  But you have to question with the quality at Receiver and Defensive Tackle still on the board, if this pick could have gone a different way.
Grade: B

41.) Buffalo Bills - Cordy Glenn [OT/OG; Georgia]
I don’t like this pick.  Buffalo picked Cordy to play Left Tackle, and if there is one position I don’t think he can play is the Left Tackle spot.  Cordy is better suited at either Right Tackle or Guard, but this is a risk pick, that can end in a quality player regardless (move to Guard).
Grade: B

42.) Miami Dolphins - Jonathan Martin [OT; Stanford]
As above, I don’t quite understand this pick.  Miami already has Jake Long on the Left Side, and Jonathan is a more finesse type Tackle, better suited to play on the Left Side, only time will tell if he has the strength and mean streak to play on the Right.
Grade: B-

43.) New York Jets (from Seattle) - Stephen Hill [WR; Georgia Tech]
So, you trade up to take one of the rawest Receivers in the draft to go with your raw Quarterback (Tebow) and Quarterback whom doesn’t seem to have the confidence to get the ball down the field?  I will chalk this up to his Size, Speed, and Blocking ability.  I just don’t see the Jets developing him properly.
Grade: D+

44.) Kansas City Chiefs - Jeff Allen [OT/OG; Illinois]
An undersized power Guard who they want to play Tackle?  I have Allen as a mid round-ish type of prospect who needs some work, but it seems he will step in day one to start on the Kansas City line.  Not quite sure what they did see in him to again take him over Massie and Co. but they did get a seasoned starter.
Grade: C-

45.) Chicago Bears (from St. Louis) - Alshon Jeffrey [WR; South Carolina]
I like this.  Some draw comparisons to Brandon Marshall, but Alshon has a better deep route tree and can create mismatches down the field better than Marshall can.  All indications are that Chicago are going for bigger Receivers and he will pair well with Hester and Marshall.
Grade: A

46.) Philadelphia Eagles - Mychal Kendricks [LB; California]
One of the best picks of the round both fit and value wise.  Mychal will come in day one and take over for Matthews whom was a disappointment all of last year.  He will step in day one and play Outside with only time, he will take over for Ryans later on.
Grade: A

47.) Seattle Seahawks (from New York) - Bobby Wagner [LB; Utah State]
Great pick here for Seattle.  He is my overall #1 OLB with the ability to convert to the Middle position.  Some will bring up the amount of linebackers on their roster, but when you can bring in the best player at the position, you take them.
Grade: A-

48.) New England Patriots (from Oakland) - Tayvon Wilson [S; Illinois]
I wont try to sell this pick.  I have him in the 200s in my draft rankings and can’t help to call this a reach.  I get the Secondary is a trouble spot, but this doesn’t seem like a fit this early.
Grade: F

49.) San Diego Chargers - Kendall Reyes [DT/DE; UConn]
The Chargers benefitted once more landing the top 5T left on the board.  To recap to this spot, AJ has netted the top 34 OLB and a top-5 talent at the 5T position, bringing new life into the aging and under producing front-7.
Grade: A+

50.) St. Louis Rams (from Chicago Bears) - Isaiah Peed [RB; Cincinnati]
I get it, Stephen Jackson has been the workhorse for a very long time and it is getting to that point where you need to find a replacement to take pressure off now, and take over later.  I just don’t see Pead being that player.  He will be a good change of pace back and return man right of the bat, but time will tell if he can develop into something more.
Grade: B-

51.) Green Bay Packers (from Arizona Cardinals) – Jerel Worthy [DT; Michigan State]
I like the player, I just don’t know if he fits the 5T, Packer scheme, especially with a Devon Still, still on the board (whom I have as a pure 5T).  Nevertheless, Ted Thompson saw his man and made a rare trade up for him.  With the weak link on the defense being the End and Rush Linebacker spot, addressing both needs with top players at each position seems like they are cheating.
Grade: B+

52.) Tennessee Titans - Zach Brown [LB; North Carolina]
Don’t like this pick here, especially with Peter Konz still and Devon Still on the board.  Tennessee has a few bigger needs than a Linebacker who doesn’t like to hit, one being Center, the other Defensive Tackle.  Time will tell if they made the right choice here, but Zach is an athlete, he just needs to learn to get a mean streak and that Linebacking core will be one of the best in the league.
Grade: D+

53.) Cincinnati Bengals - Devon Still [DT; Penn State]
While I am not the biggest Still fan, he is taken almost a round late and passed by teams needing a starting 5T and UT.  Needing an interior pass rush next to Geno, Still should be able to step in day one and contribute at a high level.  Cincinnati could have gone a few ways here, Receiver and Runningback, but stick with the BPA theme.
Grade: A

54.) Detroit Lions - Ryan Broyles [WR; Oklahoma]
I don’t get this pick.  Detroit is patient and waits for their player in Reiff in the first round, then reach for am injured (ACL tear) Receiver in the second?  With holes on the offensive line and defense, they pass on both for Broyles.  They took Titus Young last year and Broyles doesn’t scream special to me.  Should have taken Konz.
Grade: D

55.) Atlanta Falcons - Peter Konz [C; Wisconsin]
Season ending injuries and concerns about his strength push Konz down the board, but not more than a full round.  Atlanta gets a player who can player either the Center or Guard position and is the clear cut BPA at this time.  Konz will be able to sit a year to get bigger and stronger and take over at the beginning of next season.  Great pick.
Grade: A+

56.) Pittsburgh Steelers - Mike Adams [OT; Ohio State]
Once a weak point now looking to be a strength in 2012 for the Steelers.  Taking DeCastro in the first and Adams here, gives them a very strong right or left side with Pouncey in anchoring the middle.  Nice job remaining patient.  Lets hope Adams can play up to his potential.
Grade: A

57.) Denver Broncos - Brock Osweiler [QB; Arizona State]
A fairly obvious pick here for the Broncos, one which I thought they would take with their first Second round pick.  Osweiler is similar to a blank canvas where he can be shaped and molded into a great Quarterback.  Now if only Manning will work with him and give him snaps.
Grade: B+

58.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Houston) - Lavonte David [OLB; Nebraska]
Tampa continues their aggressive ways and trade up to take my second best OLB in the draft in Lavonte David.  He will step in right away and be an instant contributor.  A pure football player, he will help solidify the defense and make it into what it once was. 
Grade: A

59.) Philadelphia Eagles (from Green Bay) - Vinny Curry [DE; Marshall]
The Eagles get a steal here.  I have Curry as my #1 Defensive End this year and get him at the end of the Second Round, after a trade back to get more picks.  Jedi Reid got his man and gains insurance just in case Graham cant go next year.  He is my early favorite for Defensive Rookie.
Grade: A+

60.) Baltimore Ravens - Kelechi Osemele [OG; Iowa State]
I like both the player and pick here.  However, you have my #2 rated OG in Amini both in the first before you trade down, then he falls to you with your first Second Round pick (used on Upshaw).  He fits the Ravens way and has a chance to come in and step in and start day one.
Grade: B

61.) San Francisco 49ers - LaMichael James [RB; Oregon]
I don’t understand this pick.  They have Frank Gore, bring in Brandon Jacobs, and drafted Kendall Hunter last year.  I am not very high on LaMichael, and don’t know how he sees the field enough this year to warrant his selection here in the Second.  Not to mention, I still have another 6 Backs graded out higher than him.
Grade: F

62.) Green Bay Packers (from New England) - Casey Heyward [CB; Vanderbilt]
This has to be the Twilight Zone.  Twice in one year that Ted Thompson trades up?  When he covets his guy, he wants to ensure he gets them.  I like the pick, Green Bay needed an additional corner, who can also make the leap and play Safety as well.  This pick could be higher as they didn’t give much to trade up for him, but I had 2 corners rated higher, but overall solid pickup.
Grade: B-

62.) New York Giants - Reuben Randle [WR; LSU]
I like the value, just don’t like the player.  Reuben is a hot and cold type of Receiver.  Against better compettion he didn’t stick out to me, but he has good Size/Speed to develop with time into a true #1, but in this offense, will play second fiddle to Nicks, which is great news for Randle.
Grade: A-