Sunday, April 8, 2012

Michael Brockers, DT Louisiana State Scouting Report

Michael Brockers, DT Louisiana State University [HT- 6’6 WT- 322 5.36 40 time]

Positives- Michael possess a large frame with long arms and a thick core (large bubble)…He has shown an ability to play in both the 34 (5-Tech) and 43 (DT) defense(s)…He has a strong initial burst off the line and can command the double team (while being able to disengage) and make the play on the ball…Michael is capable of showing a solid pass rush, as he is able to beat the Center/Guard off the snap with his quick feet and good hand placement…He is stout against the run and is capable of eating several lanes, while showing the ability to find the ball or stuff the find lane/area…He shows good overall technique and overall tackling ability…The can take down most ball carriers one on one while remaining disciplined…He is still at a raw level and is growing into body/frame, while still learning and growing as a football player.

Negatives- Michael shows questionable strength from time to time for a man of his size and length…He needs to play at a below pad level more consistently as he can be moved/pushed from plays and lanes…Michael needs to improve his hand placement (on experienced linemen) and footwork consistency, as he will get knocked back and look as though he is on a track…He gets too high and will expose his chest, creating a larger target for the linemen to attack…He needs to show consistency in the run game and prove he can make plays on a regular basis…He still is raw and has great potential, and needs to show he is not lazy and will put forth the effort to reach said potential.