Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nick Foles, QB Arizona Scouting Report

Nick Foles, QB Arizona [HT-6’5 WT- 238 5.14 40 time]

Positives- Nick is a big framed, tall, fluid athlete…He shows Above Average accuracy and knows how to lead his Receivers open…He shows he is capable of making all NFL level throws (short/quick slants, over the middle, and deep sideline), and can throw them with confidence in his talents…He stands tall in the pocket, which he uses to scan and read the defenses, and also seems helps him find his Receivers quicker than his counterparts…He does a good job of looking off defenders and has a good pump fake…He displays Above Average pocket awareness and can pre-snap read the blitz…He makes quick decisions, which he attributes to his logging long hours in the film room.

Negatives- Nick does show a tendency to get nervous in the pocket and will get happy feet…He needs to distinguish the difference between patience and a sense of prolonged holding onto of the football…Coming from a very vanilla offense, he needs to prove he can learn and adjust to a more complicated system…He does sail the ball on occasion, which can be attributed to not setting his feet before releasing.