Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nick Toon, WR Wisconsin Scouting Report

Nick Toon, WR Wisconsin [HT- 6’2 WT- 220 4.51 projected 40]

Positives- Nick is a thickly built Receiver who plays the part of a physical type Receiver…He plays physical off the line and will use his strong hands to create separation from the Corner and will beat the press…He can play inside and out, and isn’t afraid to go over the middle…He uses his big strong hands to snatch the ball out from his body and brings it in…He has a stutter step and head juke to help sell the break…Nick has a deep route tree and can challenge the seam…He has solid YaC ability and displays a “plus” stiff arm…Nick is strong in the run game and throws/keeps above average blocks and will take on multiple defenders.

Negatives- Nick has inconsistent hands and has mental lapses where he will over think and takes his eyes off the ball…He also allows too many passes get into his chest…Nick doesn’t display a real advantage in jump ball situations, but can take the ball from the defender (strong hands/upper body)…He doesn’t have Elite level speed and has to build up speed (he’s a long strider)…He does chop his feet and will slow down before making his break, tipping the defender off for the break.