Sunday, February 19, 2012

Trent Richardson, RB Alabama Scouting Report

Trent Richardson, RB Alabama [HT- 5’11 WT- 225 4.49 projected 40]

Positives- Trent is an Elite built Back with unmatched size and speed…He is a powerful inside runner who finds the line quickly and attacks/hits the hole hard…He has an Elite level ability to find the hole and bounce to the outside and find an open running lane (vision) and Borderline Elite level Elusiveness…He doesn’t shy away from contact and will lower a shoulder to place/force contact with the defender…Trent adds to this, and Elite level stiff-arm and leg drive to keep plays alive…He possess a quick first step and can break either direction [to] beat the linebacker to the corner…Again, he has Elite level field vision and can find the open lane or cut with/against the grain to gain extra yards…He has Elite caliber trucking and break tackle ability and can/will run through the defender and also has a stiff arm, juke, and spin move to either side…Trent is a 3 down back who can hold his own in pass protection and also has soft/reliable enough hands to catch balls out of the backfield.

Negatives- Trent’s real speed and game speed aren’t the same, as he will run faster out of pads, than what he will play in a game…He also can improve his Receiving ability, as he wasn’t called to do this much at Alabama…He does carry some durability concerns, more nagging injuries than miles on his tires.