Thursday, January 26, 2012

Alfonzo Dennard, CB Nebraska Scouting Report

Alfonzo Dennard, CB Nebraska [HT- 5’10 WT-205 4.51 projected 40]

Positives- Dennard posses a small but thick, solid build…He has shown the ability to jam at the line and has the hips to move and mirror the Receiver after…He has the feet and quickness to recover if he is passed or takes a wrong angle in Zone…Dennard has Above Average ability closing speed and is a sure tackler…He takes proper angles and is rarely out of position when he attacks the line…He is a willing participant in the run and will not shy away from bigger backs…Due to his physicality, he causes more pass breakups…He times his jumps at the high-point and will out jump most Receivers, despite his height.

Negatives- He will struggle against bigger and faster Receivers, as he doesn’t have the speed or straight line speed to stay with them…He gets high and upright on occasions in his back pedal and can/will get happy feet/hips and miss-break on the ball/route…While he does step up in the run game, he will get jammed by bigger Receivers and Ends at the line and get stoned…Along with his physicality, he does over-use his hands and will be flagged for more penalties.