Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kevin Zeitler, OG Wisconsin Scouting Report

Kevin Zeitler, OG Wisconsin [HT- 6’4 WT- 320]

Positives- Big bodied and framed Guard who excels at zone blocking (Good bubble and strong punch)…He has the strength to pull and move defenders off the ball and lane Has an uncanny ability to move any defender down the line and open up the lanes…Also has the ability to chip and block down and take on the Nose Tackle One on One and win…A combination of fast feet, long arms, and a quickness to his hands, take defenders head on, and doesn’t allow them to get into his body…He is quick to disengage when he has the defender beat to make a play in the next level and can find and move the linebacker quicker than most other guards in this class.

Negatives- Tries to punch and move rather than latch and move smaller and quicker defenders, leads to closed lanes and protection breakdown…He does take poor angles at times when blocking down (Nose Tackle) and out (End), creates small or non-existent holes…On power plays drops head and loses technique and can get beat if he cannot react and correct fast enough…Needs to improve pass blocking technique/stance (gets off the snap later than one would like)…Needs to refine footwork, but is strong enough at the College level to not worry about this.