Friday, January 27, 2012

Leonard Johnson, CB Iowa State Scouting Report

Leonard Johnson, CB Iowa State [HT- 5’10 WT-200 4.49 projected 40]

Positives- Leonard has a quick, low backpedal which allows him to mirror his Receiver and keep pace…He posses Above Average recovery speed, which he uses to his advantage, as he will take more risks to get to the ball…For his small frame he has good enough punch/jam on the line, and speed to keep pace with the Receiver…He has a good vertical game and although he doesn’t have Elite quickness, he shows an Elite ability to stay with the Receiver down field…He helps aid in the run game and is a willing participant to make a hit on the carrier as he shows an Above Average ability in both his technique and general toughness/strength…Again, although small, he can handle bigger Receivers, whether he is asked to tackle or meet at the line (see 2011 game against Oklahoma State, shutting down Justin Blackmon for the majority of the game).

Negatives- Leonard has a short, small, and compact frame…Along with his physical play, he does get handsy and is called for too many penalties…With the amount of gambling he does, he needs to get surer hands and make up his mind to make the play before he does (his timing is off)…He is inconsistent in his footwork and balance, but this is coachable at the next level.