Saturday, January 14, 2012

Michael Brewster, C/G Ohio State Scouting Report

Michael Brewster, C/G Ohio State [HT- 6’4WT- 310]

Positives-  Michael has a bigger (than average) frame that he uses to anchor the middle of the pocket…He has a strong and at times overpowering punch on passing plays…Stays firm and grounded after initial contact…Is able to react and get lower than most DTs despite his own height…He is very quick off the initial snap and doesn’t give ground or beaten…Despite his size, he can get own field and take on linebackers and seal the lanes…He has a strong, relaxed, and flexible stance.

Negatives- At times will try to create a poor angle/lane for the back and will allow a backer to beat him…He gets lazy from time to time and has breakdowns of his feet, hands, snap, and legs (techniques) this causes him to become off-balanced and knocked/moved around… Michael is inconsistent in getting downfield, and prefers to play in smaller spaces…Struggles with faster defenders when moving in the pocket (sliding)…Can struggle with big bodied and larger Nose Tackles (looks as though he cannot hold block long enough), which leads to whether he has the upper body and core strength.