Friday, January 13, 2012

Robert Griffin III, QB Baylor Scouting Report

Robert Griffin III, QB Baylor [HT- 6’2 WT-220 4.53 projected 40]

Positives- Robert is a world class athlete with Elite level speed and vision for someone of his position…Robert has Above Average to Elite Throwing Power and Accuracy, and throws the best deep pass in the draft this year…Robert has Above Average Pocket Awareness and sets his feet when making a throw…He knows how to and when to lead a Receiver, putting it only where the Receiver can make the play…Robert is a very smart and sharp kid who can learn the playbook and scan the defense/make adjustments when needed (Quick decision making process).

Negatives- Robert doesn’t have a lot of negative qualities about him, but he does show that he will run more often than not when faced with a rush…He hasn’t had to call his own plays at Baylor…Durability may be an issue as he has already missed and entire year (2009 with a major knee injury)…His size may be an issue, but at 6’2 220, he is similar to Aaron Rodgers (with better speed).