Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Senio Kelemete, OG/OT Washington Souting Report

Senio Kelemete, OT/OG Washington [HT- 6’3 WT- 310]

Positives- Senio is a big framed, swing lineman, with a heavy punch and good bubble…He has natural fluid hips and uses them to take good angles and seek defenders…Knows both Tackle and Guard positions and their techniques…Quick pre-snap read and can call for the blitzer…Fast first step and has active, ready hands and core/base…Long ranged and agility, who hits the second level harder than most…HE creates large lanes in power running situations, and can take on multiple defenders.

Negatives- He can get happy/confused feet and can/will over think his steps and anchoring…This leads to poor balance and hand placement…He struggles with sliding ability and can lose balance…He will draw more penalties than most for his wanting to finish defenders and take them down.