Friday, January 13, 2012

Dre Kirkpatrick, CB Alabama Scouting Report

D’Andre “Dre” Kirkpatrick, CB Alabama [HT-6’2 WT- 195 4.49 projected 40]

Positives- Dre possesses Elite height, but needs to add bulk to his frame…Very quick and athletic, he has the ability to shadow any receiver he goes up against…He has the size and strength to play both man to man and zone…In Man, he is able to step to the line (and depending on the size) will either jam or reroute the receiver…He has great recovery speed and doesn’t give ground on double-moves and crossing routes…He uses his size, and when in Zone, is able to shut down one side or receiver…He is able to stop and jam rushers in the run game and is not afraid to go up and make a play…He is a tremendous blitzer, and possesses the wherewithal to attack the Quarterback, but also stop and make a play on the ball/ball carrier if he is late…He drops his pads nicely and has a balanced back pedal.

Negatives- Dre is lanky and lacks bulk against bigger Receivers…He does get over aggressive at times on the line, and will get off balance if he “punches” too hard…He struggles at times to find the ball when he is forced to turn his head…He is a gambler and will take bad angles, which results in missed tackles and deflections/interceptions…He does struggle with consistent pedaling and will allow the Receiver to get behind him and will need to rely on his instincts/closing ability…Watch for nagging injuries (shoulder specifically).