Friday, January 20, 2012

Matthew McCants, OT/OG UAB Scouting Report

Matthew McCants, OT/OG UAB {HT-6’5 WT-300]

Positives- Matthew has a big frame, with a hard punch, quick feet, and a solid bubble…He has enough strength to move defenders off and out of the play (sealing the edge) and he can stone them at the line…He has enough balance/strength to move the line on power runs, as well as get lower than the defender despite his size…Matthew is fast out of his stance and he can set his hands/anchor before the defender gets to the line.

Negatives- Matthew is very raw and inconsistent in all phases of his game…He can be knocked off balance and taken out of the play (due to this)…Not a natural knee bender and gets confused feet when matched against quicker defenders…He doesn’t have Elite vision and can/will miss delayed blitzers and inside defenders…This causes him to miss defenders/targets and he struggles to recover and make a play.