Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Brandon Washington, OT/OG Miami(Fl.) Scouting Report

Brandon Washington, OG/OT Miami(Fl.) [HT-6’4 WT-325]

Positives- Big, thick framed, and strong Guard/Tackle dual position athlete…Strong initial punch and a decent bubble…Longs arms are able to keep defenders off of him…Fluid hips, can bend and break from stance (and get into) quicker than most…Has an above average ability to recover from missed angles and poor technique…Natural anchor, whom gets his stance, and can drive defenders out of the play and gets to the second level quickly…Raw in a good way, as he can still learn and develop into either position.

Negatives- Never given a fair chance at any position at the college level and is under developed in certain areas of both positions…This causes him to lose leverage and take poor angles…He needs his technique worked on (feet, hand placement, and stance) at both positions, but shows enough athletic ability to make up for this in the college level…Doesn’t seal the edge very well against better defenders, some of this is poor technique and not knowing the outs and ends…Doesn’t show he can work with the Guard/Center (depending where he is playing) as he doesn’t recognize when he is needed to do so…In the run game, gets high at times and get moved easier/faster than he should.